Save All Year With The New Rewards Program!

Would you like your next round of golf to be FREE?  Would you like to save money on each and every round of golf you play at Deerfield for the rest of the season?  Want to pay a lower price on every item of apparel or merchandise you need for the year?  Then Deerfield's New Rewards Program is for you.

That's right - play your Delaware golf with the course that gives you a deal on every visit!

- Enrollment into the program for 2014 costs just $69.95
- Your next round of golf - any day any time - is FREE (save up to $73)
- You get $5 off every round of golf - any day any time - you play at Deerfield in 2014
- Enjoy 5% off all in-stock merchandise and apparel purchases in 2014

It's an absolute no-brainer!  The minute you come back to play Deerfield again, you've saved money.  With every subsequent visit, you're saving even more.

Why not save every time you play this premier Delaware golf course?  Call the Pro Shop at 302-368-6640 ext 3 for more information or simply sign up upon your next visit to Deerfield.